About Us

Maria Friedman - Owner, LMT, AMTA Member, Former Member of the NJ State Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy


I started my career as a Licensed Cosmetologist and naturally progressed into Healing Arts of Massage Therapy.  I studied with teacher David Crewdson back in 1991.  I have been practicing Massage Therapy for 26 years opening my first office in Chatham, NJ (Massage Therapy of Chatham) .  Having a thirst for knowledge, my studies include:

  • anatomy/physiology at Union County College
  • extensive training in Neuromuscular Therapy studying  under Judith Walker-Delany
  • neck NMT with Leon Chaitow
  • Cranio Sacral Therapy with Upledger Institute levels 1,2, and Somatic Emotional Release
  • Reiki levels  1 and 2 
  • Active Isolated Stretching with Aarron Mattes and followed years later with Jim and Phil Wharton. 
  • Thai massage on the table and mat thru the Vedic Conservatory 
  • 3 Dimensional Massage Techniques with Laura Bruder
  • Pre/Post Natal with Carol Osbourne-Sheets
  • Young Living Essential Oils

One of my passions is to customize each session to the clients needs. The intake includes a postural analysis before the massage begins.   I truly believe in the harmony of mind, body and spirit and create an environment which supports a healing journey.   

My practice is focused solely on women and children.

Testimonials for Maria

  • I have been going to Massage Therapy of Chatham for 15 years and would never think of going anywhere else. Maria, the owner, is a professional, caring. thoughtful and most of all fantastic Massage Therapist. She maintains the highest standards for herself and all her staff. Each person there gives a wonderful massage and treats every client with the utmost respect and professionalism. Massage Therapy of Chatham is the best! - Jana G., Summit, NJ
  • Maria works extremely hard for the entire appointment and I always leave feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated and my muscle tension resloved. I highly recommend Maria or one of her specially-selected, very competent associates.  - Connie W., New York, NY
  • My hour at Massage Therapy of Chatham is one of the highlights of my week. I leave my session felling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready to face the world again! - Janet S., South Orange, NJ

Shari Zirlin - Licensed Massage Therapist


As my career as a Finance Director in the Television Production Industry was ending, I realized the time was coming that I could pursue my lifelong dream of helping people.  As a client of a Massage Therapist myself, the seed was planted in me that this was my path.  I want to bring the peace, relaxation and healing that I experienced from massage to others.  When the opportunity finally came to enroll in Massage Therapy school, I did.  My areas of concentration are the massage needs of active adults and older adults.  The modalities of massage that I practice are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Oncology.  

My other interests are birding, travel, and jewelry design and fabrication. I also work out at the gym several times a week. Currently I write a monthly column for our community newspaper on the benefits of massage.   I have a BA in Psychology and MBA in Finance. I studied massage therapy at the New Jersey School of Massage, located in Toms River, NJ. 

I believe that massage can benefit people at every stage of life, that the touch of another person can bring peace, comfort and perhaps has the added benefit of relief from pain.  I feel that there is grace in massage that is experienced both by the client and the therapist during a session.  I work in the Ocean office on Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and one Saturday a month TBD.  

My practice is focused solely on women and men.

Testimonials for Shari

  • When Shari was a student, I was one of the first non-students that she worked on. From that first massage I could tell she was going to be very good. She has given me multiple massages with stretching since then and has confirmed my original impression that she was going to be very good. A  nearly weekly massage and stretching has become an important part of my Heath routine, especially the stretching part. As I look back, I am surprised by how much flexibility I had lost over time and  now have regained. In fact, I'm absolutely certain that regaining my flexibility prevented broken wrists when I fell several times. - Michael M., Jackson, NJ
  • While I was skeptical that massage could do anything about my plantar fasciitis, Shari's work on my foot, ankle, and calf relieved the pain. I'm a believer now! - Robert L., Whiting, NJ